NutkinsNutkin Socks
These are the second socks in the 2011 “Super Special Six Pattern Sock Club”… and I’m officially two months behind schedule. Yikes. These suckers just sucked all my will to knit. I HATED them! I knitted them on a pair of 2.75mm circular needles with Lang Jawoll Magic. The combination of pattern and wool just drove me nuts. The folded cuff was incredibly difficult to do, especially in such a dark yarn. (I ended up doing a provisional cast-on in a lighter yarn so I could see what I was doing.) I added in an extra 8 stitches to each sock (in the purl sections), and I still can barely get them over my ankles. They twist badly. The wool gets very fuzzy. I followed the pattern for the heel, but I just did a traditional decrease and graft for the toe. But whatever, they’re done now and they’re not too ugly. I’ll get some use out of them. Now onto the Leyburns! (More details over on Ravelry.)

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  1. the fact that you persevered with these despite your obvious hatred (im sure i saw you screwing your face up while knitting them once), is a testament to your character. they do look kinda cool.

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