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I’m crying over someone I’ve never met. My heart goes out to Beau and I’m just so grateful that he felt he could share this experience with all of us. I don’t know if I could have gone through it with as much peace, humor, and dignity as he and his family have. I’m going to just stop there before I get really maudlin and cheesy.

New Poll: Would you send a guy flowers? If you are a guy, what would you think of a chick that sent you flowers? I’m kinda stressing. (Shh! Don’t mention this around the Snook til after tomorrow.)

Update: Yeah, as most of you guessed, I sent the Snook flowers for our anniversary. I specified something “manly” and “small enough to carry on public transport.” The arrangement ended up being a couple orange gerberas surrounded by gumnuts, grevillia, and some funny small orchids. (Mostly Australian native flowers for you foreign types.) He liked it a lot, though I don’t think I’m going to make a habit of it. I think he got a little embarrassed carrying it home. 🙂

I was feeling rather domestic-goddess-like tonight, so I had a quick squiz through the Atkins website to find a new low-carb recipe to try. I settled on Shortcut Moussaka, mostly because we had some baby eggplant in the fridge we needed to use up. It was great. I got to the butcher’s too late to get mince lamb so I had to substitute regular beef, but that didn’t seem to hurt. I was surprised at how well the whole thing sorta stuck together. I was expecting it to just be a big sloppy mess. Instead it came out in fairly well-defined chunks, like lasagna. Must’ve been the layers of cream cheese. Anyway, this one is highly recommended. (Especially for you newbies buckling under the Induction restrictions…)

My friend Kevin got me addicted to Frontier House, the PBS show about three families pretending to be pioneers out in Montana. The Snook and I decided last night that we like the Glenn family from Tennessee. They don’t bitch and whine (except about their stupid neighbours), and the kids seem to be enjoying the project. The Clune family, on the other hand, are rich folks from California (the father brags that he’s never mowed a lawn in his life, and neither have his kids), so you can guess how well they adapt. The two teenage girls actually got ratted out for sneaking in makeup. I admit I had to laugh when they were bawling while milking their cow in the middle of a freak June snowstorm. The third family, the Brooks, are really nice, hard-working, and uninteresting. If you aren’t going to whinge about the work, you at least need to whinge about your neighbours if you’re going to hold my attention!

Happy birthday to Jann, who has finally reached the Age-That-Shall-Remain-Nameless.

The Sydney Morning Herald has finally tracked down the guy responsible for all those annoying “” chalkings around Sydney. I’m deliberately not linking to his site and I’ve made a personal pledge to never visit it myself. He’s chalked Newtown several times and I used to think it was just a cryptic (and annoying) marketing campaign. Now I know he’s just a stupid publicity-hungry conspiracy theory wanker. I hope I spot him the next time he’s chalking our neighborhood so I can give him a good kick in the bum.

Final Oscar Contest Results
I didn’t bother working out the placings, because really there were only eight of them (from seven correct down to zero). Read on to see a list of everyone who played and how many they got right. See you all next year!Luis (7)
Sara (6)
photogjunkie (6)
Kathy Olson (6)
Chris Miller (6)
Marissa (6)
Nancy (6)
Stephen Homsey (6)
K Mama (6)
Jackson Hunt (6)
matthew parten (6)
PJ (5)
Jimm Day (5)
Raehan Umar (5)
Brian Holloman (5)
Tina (5)
Craig Rising (5)
Johanna Sinclair (5)
Kyle (5)
Hoey (5)
billy (5)
Kelly McMahon (5)
Neil Lapinsky (5)
Linda (5)
Dan Vogel (5)
Evan Cater (5)
Sean Topping (5)
ken (5)
kay mueller (5)
Moire (5)
kumaraswamy (5)
Ryan McLandress (5)
Gary Jaffe (5)
Alan Vazquez (5)
neil seippel (5)
davy degreeff (5)
Cara (5)
Ron (4)
Jen D-K (4)
Emily (4)
Rena Parker (4)
Tricia (4)
Anthony Torres (4)
Joel Wukotich (4)
stefanie (4)
Dan Sievers (4)
Amy Ebert (4)
Adrien (4)
kyrenia gross (4)
randy douma (4)
sheila falgoust (4)
Amy (4)
Rock (4)
Edward Petersen (4)
A. Cristine Biggs (4)
orangecat (4)
Dallas Jenkins (4)
Kevin (4)
Greg_G (4)
Dan (4)
Film-Meister Ferret (4)
Andra Baclacian (4)
Michael Weber (4)
Lisa Gal (4)
Celcius (4)
Yasmin (4)
Michael Brown (4)
jason (4)
georgia kouvari (4)
Jim (3)
Bill of Mermaniac (3)
Jima330 (3)
grandpa joe (3)
Fred Schultz (3)
Mahdi Ahmed (3)
Nicole Robidoux (3)
Angela Boelsma (3)
Kris (3)
psorr (3)
John Ryan (3)
jarvis (3)
gloria gyorkos (3)
Mana (3)
Scott ONeill (3)
Mal (3)
Jordana (3)
Mary Clifton (3)
greg (3)
Dani Lampi (3)
Kee Thuan Chye (3)
alicia downs (3)
Christian (3)
Jenny (3)
Jesper Engsted (3)
Alastair Robinson (3)
Robert Markie (3)
Louise (3)
Max (3)
Matt Hinrichs (3)
tim wisneski (3)
Major (3)
Joel-Steven (3)
carol stevenson (3)
Janel Harris (3)
Rajiv Puri (3)
John Kelland (2)
Jose Antonio Abad (2)
Christina Chavez (2)
John (2)
Allen (2)
Jian Chu (2)
Greg Palm (2)
Janna Farley (2)
Jenny Golinski (2)
Bill (2)
Barbara Pashkoff (2)
Claire (2)
Jim S (2)
Bill M (2)
Tiffany Walker (2)
Kristy McMahon/Scott (2)
Matthew Timms (2)
joshua (2)
Yana Golyandrina (2)
christine nelson (2)
Maureen Frazier (2)
chris lo (2)
Chris Clement (2)
marion lacny (1)
Mike Killmeyer (1)
Khay Dixon (1)
Fiona_fi (1)
Nicci (1)
Mia (1)
Sarah Smalley (1)
Kristen (1)
Holly Lamp (1)
ali rabieifar (1)
Rick (1)
viktor (1)
Jai (0)

The Snook and I went to a rugby match last night to see the Queensland Reds annihilate our New South Wales Waratahs. Quite frankly, I had no idea what was going on on the field for most of the match. I’m an intelligent person (I even understand cricket!), but I just had no clue. There’d be a whistle and everyone would groan, and I’d look at the scoreboard to see that someone had been charged with “intentionally collapsing the scrum” or “joining tackle in front last feet”, and I’d just have no frickin’ clue. Now I know how the Snook felt when I took him to a Notre Dame game.

Knitted Bikini

Knitted BikiniCraftiness + Hoochiness = Knitted Bikini
Check out what I made! I felt like I’d been making scarves for years, so as a change of pace I decided to knit a bikini using Get Crafty’s fabulous instructions. It’s knitted with cotton, not wool, and as I used a double thickness throughout it’s pretty dense (and therefore ensures no nipple visibility). Unfortunately this design is just not the right swimsuit for my body shape. The trunks, which just barely manage to go over my thighs, are pretty cute, but they’re so low that I have major plumber butt (even though I followed the instructions for “more coverage”). And the top… Well, I think the main problem is that string bikinis aren’t made for girls with larger boobs. I’m a C cup, and the whole triangle thing just doesn’t work. Even if I made them bigger, they still don’t fit the shape of the breast very well. (I really need to figure out how to knit one with an underwire.) So needless to say, I shan’t be sporting this puppy at the beach anytime soon. It was a fun experiment though.Some notes if you’re interested in trying it yourself:

As I can’t get the kind of cotton recommended in the pattern here, I just went with normal DK weight cotton. Unfortunately I knitted a test swatch and my gauge was way higher than it needed to be. I was afraid to move up a needle size though, for fear that the weave would be too open (and I wanted to keep the nips covered). So I played around a bit and discovered that if I doubled up the cotton and went to a 5mm needle, I got the correct gauge and the fabric was nicely dense. Unfortunately that meant I needed twice as much cotton. Luckily I’d bought 4 50gm balls, and I used up just about all of it.

Another problem: I knitted the two boob triangles on different days and my knitting tension changed significantly, which means they’re slightly different size. I’d suggest that you knit them both at the same time to avoid this.

The biggest problem I had was the bit at the end of the pattern where it tells you to “single crochet” around the trunk elastic and the bikini chain. I posted a request for help on Glitter and was directed to this page of instructions. That’s for making a hair band, but I figured out fairly quickly to adapt it to what I needed to do. I did the bikini chain easily, but I decided not to finish the trunks since they don’t fit well enough to ever wear.

Trivia Recap: Another second place finish for us tonight. There weren’t any huge groaners though; the winners just knew a couple more than we did. I won a Fosters hat for knowing what city Ally McBeal was set in. Here’s one for you all to ponder: What are the four longest mountain ranges in the world? (We got three.)