Month: March 2003 (page 2 of 8)

I was very disappointed at first with my results for the Which ‘Buffy’ Couple Are You and Your Significant Other? quiz. We got “Willow and Xander”, which sounds sorta non-sexual and crappy. But now that I think about it, it’s actually not that bad. We’re big dorks who are best friends and like to hang out and watch TV together. I’ll go with that. And hey, they’re like the only couple that still has a functioning relationship on the show. So that’s good, right?

Update: Snookums informed me that he took the test and he got Buffy and Angel. “But I don’t know what your answers were, ” he sniffed. So evidently we’re somewhere in the middle. 🙂

This stupid news story claims that REM has a war protest song available for download at their site, but I sure as heck can’t find it.

Sorry for the slow posting this week. Work is kinda kicking my ass right now.

Just saw the episode of Survivor where Shawna was voted off. That was the greatest, grossest immunity challenge of all time. Snookums almost snorted beer out his nose when Deena got whacked in the head with the side of beef as time expired.

Ask Yahoo tries to define the difference between rap and hip-hop. Me, I still don’t get it. I’m loving this “Mundian To Bachke (Knight Rider Remix)” by Punjabi MC though. It’s from Bend It Like Beckham and it’s kinda like Indian rap. I heard it on the radio the other day and immediately started bopping like I was in a Bollywood film.

Oscar Contest 2003 Winners: With a total of 7 out of 10 correct predictions, Luis is the clear winner and will soon be in possession of Oscar the Sock Monkey. Second place was a ten-way tie, which was decided using both the tiebreaker and date of entry. Thus second place went to Sara and third place to photogjunkie. Unfortunately somebody has to get the wooden spoon, and this year that honor fell to Jai, who didn’t get a single point. Thanks to everyone who played though! I’ll have full results and rankings available soon. See you next year!

Oscar Contest Scoring Update: We have a clear winner with seven correct, but there’s a ten-way tie for second place with six correct. Time for the tiebreaker to come into effect!

As I’m not too busy today, I’m managing to keep up with the Awards online. I was worried at first, as we had a 38-way tie after the first two awards. Luckily Adrien Brody has seriously shaken things up. Never bet against a guy in a Holocaust movie!

There’s a new iPod software update that supposedly cures a lot of the battery problems users were having. I installed it yesterday without any hitches. I’m fully charged now, so hopefully within a day or two I should be able to report how it works. My battery would run for hours, but on standby it ran down within a few days. I’m hoping this will fix that. (Hey, Moire, maybe this will bring your battery back from the dead!)

Woohoo! Australia have won the Cricket World Cup in devastating fashion. The top order finally managed to kick some ass and the bowlers took out India’s top batsman in the first over. I love what this article has to say about Gilchrist: “Nor did the presence of a packed field prevent him cutting through and over point with the sort of flashing blade more commonly associated with wielders of the epee.” I think some purple prose is indeed in order.