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Wedding Album

Wedding AlbumWedding Album
A few weeks ago, Amy suggested that we put together a photo album to show our guests at the reception. With this, my inner scrapbooking demon was unleashed. The results are now online for your to check out. I’m just happy that I managed to resist the urge to add stickers.

Note to the parents: I regret that I didn’t have any good pictures of us with Joey, Colfax, or Josh to include. We need to get some of those! I’ve got plenty of space to add them in later.

Oscar Contest is closed!

Entries are now closed for the Oscar Contest. The results will be updated live here. Good luck everyone! (And don’t forget to count dead people for me…)

Later: Woohoo! That documentary upset definitely spread out the scores a bit.

It’s Over: Man, I really thought Christopher was going to pull off the victory there. It would have been fitting, as he was the original inspiration for the Soctopus. Alas, Clint Eastwood was his downfall. Damn you, Clint! First prize thus went to steven johnson, who got all ten categories correct and nailed the tiebreaker. Second prize goes to David Eskridge, and third to Ed Ploog. Thanks to everybody who entered!



The reception was a smashing success….

Paris Made Me Change my Number

Paris Made Me Change My Number. Ha! I’m just annoyed I didn’t get a chance to phone Seth Green before he changed his. I’d be all, “Quit taking ass-roles, Oz!”

Food phobias.

I’m talkin’ food phobias over on Ask.MeFi. About seafood, naturally…

Oscar Contest

Just looking at the Oscar Contest predictions and, man, there are clear-cut favorites in every single category. I hope there’s at least one upset or we’re going to end up in a massive tie. As with last year, I need a couple volunteers to count the dead people in the tribute montage for me. (It won’t air here til a few hours later.) The good news is that I’ve got Monday off so I’ll be sitting on the computer watching the results come in and updating everyone’s scores.

What I’ve Been Up To

What I’ve Been Up To:

  • Swimming. No, really. On both Tuesday and today the Snook and I got up at 6:30 and walked over to Vic Park Pool to swim laps. It’s part of our new plan not to be such fat-asses. Stop laughing. Unfortunately we really suck and we haven’t managed more than six lengths each so far. My biggest hindrance is that I was never taught to do a proper stroke. The Snook showed me the breaststroke but I AM THE WORST PERSON EVER AT IT. I actually go faster when I don’t kick my legs. When I do kick, I end up veering off to the right every time like a broken grocery cart. It’s pathetic.
  • Work stress. Can’t say much at the moment, but there’s a bit of a shift going on. I’m only tangentially involved but it’s still wrenching.
  • Cabaret. Gadgetgirl‘s Mom is in town so Tuesday night the three of us headed to Newtown to see “Dolly Downunder.” She was fabulous. The best part of the evening, though, was when Dolly – in preparation for her “clarinet solo” – announced she’d be playing Acker Bilk’s greatest hit. In the three seconds of politely puzzled audience silence that followed, a drawling Midwestern voice could clearly be heard saying emphatically, “STRANGERS ON THE SHORE.” Dolly started. “Who said that?” she said. “House lights up!” The lights came up, and she zeroed in on our table where Amy’s Mom sat triumphantly. Dolly chatted with her and adorably mimicked the accent, then dedicated the song to Lynn. Amy and I were pissing ourselves. Greatest cabaret moment EVER.
  • Reception preparations. I was happily putting together our photo album tonight when I realized how much I was enjoying myself. I even thought, “Ooh, I should go to Dymocks tomorrow so I can get a sparkly pen for writing captions. And maybe they’ll have some appropriate stickers or a novelty hole punch!” And then I realized that I was becoming a GODDAMN SCRAPBOOKER and promptly threw myself beneath a train. Metaphorically speaking.

Oh, and I’m working six days straight so I can have the reception and day after off. The customers are really starting to annoy me. Titsiana came in again. *shudder* The only ray of light was when Real Angora Man came in today to tell me about the progress on his faux fur bolero.

Get better, Mike!

Hey, Mike: Please get better soon, because your Sydney show is coming up and my tickets are en route! Love, your lifelong fan Kris. (PS – Please don’t wear one of those weird leisure suits for the concert.)

Wedding rings at last!

moblogged imageWedding rings at last!
Check it out! Ma and Pa Snook got us some hematite rings on their recent holiday, so now we’ve finally got temporary wedding bands!

RSVP, please. I know it’s redundant.

Busy, busy, busy, work work work. Remind me to tell you about my new (non-) favorite customer sometime soon, the one I have dubbed “Titsiana Booberini.” *shudder* Oh, and a final plea for RSVPs from the reception invitees. If you don’t come to the party, you don’t get to see the way cool photo album I’ve been slaving over…

Yeah, okay, that was a lame bribe. How about free beer?