Angora Man 1.0

Albert: I think one of those weird angora guys is here, if you want to go say hi.
Me: Which one? Angora Man 1.0 or Angora Man 2.0?
Albert: How should I know??

So I went to have a look. It turns out that it was the most rare and elusive Angora Man 1.0! We haven’t seen him in, like, a year and a half. He looked the same as ever: shuffling, mumbling, sporting a massive combover, and wearing the original women’s white angora jumper that he’d had on when I met him. I asked him what had happened to the one we knit him. “It was too big,” he mumbled, “so I sold it.” And now he wants another one knitted. So that’s another $700 sale… All in a day’s work at Sydney’s #1 Fluffy Emporium.


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  1. Have you seen Jeshua lately?

  2. Crazy Jesus Lady? No, apparently Christ hasn’t called her to the shop in a long time…

  3. I wonder if He hasn’t let her know about the new shop?

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