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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet – a photoset on Flickr. I have to say, that’s a much better way than the way the Snook and I do it. Oh, and the inclusion of the cat in those pictures is perfect. I laughed out loud. (Link courtesy of not martha.)


DietBlog: Tuesday night I officially transferred to the Glebe Weight Watchers group, who I’ve visited a couple times before and who impressed me with their energy and friendliness. They did not disappoint! When Megan the leader mentioned that I was joining them permanently, everyone was like, “Great! Welcome aboard!” and I heard one person actually say, “Oh good, I was hoping you would…” How nice is that? I was yet again dreading the weigh-in though, as I’d felt really sluggish and fat all day long. To my eternal surprise, I’d lost another half a kilogram (a little more than a pound)! I will not give the virus credit this week though; I’m 99.5% over it and I’ve been making an effort to get back into the program properly. I tracked my Points and even walked to work a couple days, so this is the first one is ages that I felt like I really earned. (It also puts me firmly on the other side of the “10% loss” line, so I don’t feel like last week was such a fudge.) My body seems to be settling in to the pound-a-week rate, and I’ll be happy if I stay there for the rest of the time. I should reach my next big mental milestone in a week or two: the lowest I weighed while on the Atkins plan. (I’m actually probably already past it, given the difference between the WW fancy scales and my crappy ones at home, but I still have that number in my head and I going past it will be HUGE.) Oh, and I went to yoga for the first time in, like, six weeks last night. It felt great at the time, but I’m hurting today. Hillary the teacher was like, “Wow, Kris, you didn’t seem to lose any flexibility with the time off!” And I was like, “That’s because I lost ten kilos. My belly doesn’t get in the way so much now!”

Awesome cushions.

Awesome cushions. (Link courtesy of miftik.)

Send Emma a postcard

Send Emma a Postcard
My Dad sent me a letter about his little next-door-neighbour, Emma Bickel. Emma is four-and-a-half years old and last week she slipped while playing in the sprinkler and broke her femur. She’s going to have to spend most of the summer in a half-body cast. Poor little thing! So to keep her occupied, she’s trying to collect postcards from all around the world. I’m sending her a postcard, and you should too! (Even if you’re from the U.S.; she’s trying to get all 50 States.) So if you can spare postage and a few minutes of your time, leave me a comment with an e-mail address and I’ll send your her details. (I’d post it here but I don’t want to create a Craig Shergold situation.) Thanks…


Man, I’m glad I didn’t get that job with Kazaa after all. Ouch.

Google Maps Australia

Our houseHow neat! Google Maps now has satellite images for all of Australia. You can even see our house! Check it out. Right in the middle of that image is a large apartment complex with a white roof that looks sorta like a “9”. Well, see the little standalone white square, right between the big white connected bit and the two darker roofs below? That’s our apartment! We’re separate from the rest of the building. How cool is that? Some other noteworthy Australian locations: Uluru (which looks pretty similar to the one I took), the Maree Man (which blows my mind; more info here, and of course, Wandoo, otherwise known as the Snook family homestead up in Eungai Creek. (The new Pacific Highway runs NW-SE across the middle, and Wandoo is located in the middle of the sock-shaped loop of trees just south of it in the middle. Oh, and the big mountain with the white spot on top is Yarrahappini.)

Down with the Shearer!

Down with the Shearer!
(We interrupt this weblog for a special Big Brother related announcement.) Kick. Ass. She may be a John Howard lover, but this week Kate can do no wrong with me. Rather than uselessly take three nomination points off herself, she chose to face public opinion and take them off Christie instead… resulting in five nominees this week! Even better, one of those nominees is Glenn the Shearer, who I hate with the intensity of a thousand suns. Come on, Aussie women! Let’s get this affront to humanity out of the house and off our televisions. Even if you don’t watch the show, you should still phone in a vote to get the lying root rat bastard out. I won’t even bother bringing up the awful Michelle situation – even Gretel was feeling sorry for her – but him then immediately making plans to get on Kate was disgusting. My jaw dropped tonight during the clip of Geneva talking to the guys in the bathroom, when she left and Glenn turned to the other guys and said, “We were all thinking it, right? *pause* She looked like f**kin’ sh*t.” HE MADE OUT WITH HER A FEW WEEKS AGO, and then he turned around and said nasty things to the other boys behind her back, just because he likes someone else now. It’s every thirteen-year-old girl’s WORST NIGHTMARE. The Shearer must go!

The sale is OVER.

At long last, the Tapestry Craft sale is over. W00t! There’s nothing like a 13-hour-shift to really bookend a month of stress. A question for you craft types though: We’re considering some different ideas for promoting the website, and our two big options at this point are: A) offering free shipping, or B) price-matching with any other Australian website. Which would you find more enticing? Option B is probably the bigger discount, but it puts the onus on the customer to hunt around and find a low price first. Any thoughts?

Push molds and polymer clay

This FAQ about push molds and polymer clay looks to be very helpful in my and Amy‘s project to produce our own sickles and knuts.

Pam Wojcik

Whoa! I was just sitting here knitting and watching some old stuff on the TiFaux when I had a total ND flashback. I was watching the “Like a Virgin” episode of Songs That Changed the World and not really paying attention when I suddenly recognized the voice of one of the commentators. It was Professor Pamela Wojcik! She started at ND when I was a senior and I ended up taking two different classes with her. (Three of the essays I wrote for her are on my writing page. They’re not great, but I still have fondness for the ABBA/Muriel’s Wedding paper.) How weird to see her on television! And without her funky glasses, which – I admit – inspired my own latest frame selection. She was definitely one of the cooler teachers I had. I should drop her a line and let her know that one of her former students just saw her on television in Australia!