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At LAST it has been said!

At LAST it has been said!
Finally someone on Australian Idol heard my anguished pleas. Kate did a pretty good job with her Queen song tonight but all I could see were those gigantic shoulders lookin’ at me. “Cover up those tuck shop arms,” Kyle finally said, and I CHEERED over here in my living room. I don’t mean to be harsh – I’m a big girl myself, after all – but it needed to be said. I wish I could swear spaghetti-strap tops and puff sleeves too, but sometimes you just have to live in reality. That said, I have been noticing a ton of 3/4-sleeve wrap tops in the shops right now that would look really great on Kate (and me). I should fly to Melbourne and be her style consultant for the rest of the series. She’d totally win.

(Note that it only took me one day of reading the What Not to Wear book for me to consider myself a style maven.)

That said, how crap was Laura tonight? As soon as she announced her song the Snook and I were like, “Whaa–? Silverchair are a Supergroup?” And then she BUTCHERED IT. I hate it when the judges are mean, but man, those “that was the lamest performance that ever lamed its way to Lameville” comments were spot on. Please, please let her be gone and justice return to the world. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go rip Lee‘s kickass punk version of “Roxanne” to my iPod so I can ROCK OUT to it all week…

New TC site is up

We’ve just “flipped the switch” to the new server for the Tapestry Craft website. It shouldn’t look any different to you folks, but it’s nice to have a little more breathing room (disk-space-wise). I also had to do a bit of programming to modify our software to display knitting wools the way we wanted. Oh, and the first batch of tapestries are now online! Big thanks to the Snook for listening to my ranty phone calls during the day and helping me out. (He’s the best.)

Dude, I am weirded out.

Dude, this is the weirdest conceptual art project I’ve ever heard of: a gigantic knitted pink rabbit lying on a hill in Italy for the next twenty years. They don’t give any dimensions, but judging from the pictures the thing has to be, like, a hundred feet long. Oh, and it’s also a rotting corpse with a wound and organs hanging out. Don’t neglect to read the press information; it’s a hoot. “Happy you leave like the larva that gets its wings from an innocent carcass at the roadside. Such is the happiness which made this rabbit. i love the rabbit the rabbit loves me.” I’m going to have nightmares about the rabbit. (Link courtesy of miftik.)

Halloween Stuff

Just over a month to go, and I found a ton of new Halloween Recipes from Martha Stewart Living. (I’m almost loathe to post the link for fear of ruining the surprises in store for my party guests!)

Ebert on the rampage

Ooh, Ebert is PISSED! The bastards at “Federated Department Stores” have officially decided to change the name of Marshall Field’s to Macy’s. Ebert is basically calling Chicagoans to arms. He’s cut up his Field’s charge card and he’s demanding that the City Council pass legislation designating the brass nameplate on the State Street store as a landmark. “In every corner of America that has lost a little of its soul to heartless corporate bean counters, the decision will have an echo.”

I’ll set fire to the building.

Check it out: Office Space Movie Quiz. I scored 67 out of a 100 correct. Man, I didn’t realize some people were that obsessive about it… (Link courtesy of Brigita.)

Hurricane Kris

I was amused by this BBC article on the naming of hurricanes. With such an unusually active hurricane season this year, meteorologists are worried that we could run out of names for the first time ever. (If that happens, we’ll name them after letters of the Greek alphabet.) The bit that made me laugh though, was this bit of historical trivia:

Individual names began to be attached in the 1950s, with US meteorologists using initially the phonetic alphabet and then female names… In the 1970s feminist groups succeeded in changing the nomenclature to alternating male and female names.

I guess I can see where I might take offense if terribly destructive storms were only named after women, but seriously ladies, weren’t there more important things to worry about? I don’t want to seem ungrateful here, but I personally would have prioritized, say, equal pay for equal work over the equal gender division of hurricane nomenclature.


Game Show Host: Which Wright brother made the first maiden flight at Kitty Hawk?
Me: (with absolute certainty) Frank!
Snook: (eyeing me askance) Uh, Orville.
Game Show Host: That’s right; it was Orville, not Wilbur.
Me: (complete double-take) What the–? Who the hell is Frank?

It’s my sinusitis, I swear.


Thanks to Deb for sending through this schweet picture of the Snook and me at Steve and Kate’s Bollywood dinner last weekend…


And don’t worry, Mom. That facial hair lasted about 24 hours before he shaved it off. 🙂


I have to face the fact that I have been in total denial about my nose for the past week. I have a full-blown sinus infection. I feel like somebody punched me in the face, and everytime I cough I feel like my eyeballs are going to pop out. Friday I’m off for some antibiotics…