Canva iPad app

I'm so excited about my new job, y'all! I don't officially start until June 9th. I'm trying to enjoy this unexpected vacation, but it's really hard not to mentally jump the gun. That image there? It's from Apple's new iPad Changes Everything campaign, which prominently features Canva at the 8-second mark. If you want to learn more about what Canva is, just check out this intro video.

Smashed Burgers - Are they worth the effort?

The Snook has been perfecting his hamburger recipe for some time now. We bought a KitchenAid grinder attachment last year (when he dressed as Bob Belcher for Halloween), and he's been doing a version of Heston's method ever since. (Just the meat part; not the insane DIY buns, cheese, and ketchup.) I wonder if the "Smash" technique is worth the additional effort. Smitten Kitchen has posted her recipe, and Epicurious has a big investigative article as well as their own recipe too.

May 25, 2015