Happy blog birthday to me!

Happy blog-birthday to me!
Yes, folks, it’s that time again. I have now officially been running w-g for four whole years. Nuts, huh? (The archives go back a bit farther since they incorporate my very first blog, which didn’t live here.) As I did the previous two years, I’ve compiled some statistics to commemorate the occasion:

  • Total posts: 874 (up 6 from last year)
  • Total comments: 3323 (up 44 from last year)
  • Comments-to-post ratio: 3.8
  • Posts mentioning the Snook in some way or another: 199 (22.7% – Good grief!)
  • Comments made by the Snook: 0 (He likes it that way. He’s an enigma wrapped in a mystery.)
  • Top fifteen commenters this year: 1. Me (790); 2. Amy (255); 3. WeeB (121); 4. Tricia (109); 5. Moire (99); 6. Jenny (97); 7. Aim (74); 8. Eileen (74); 9. Claire (72); 10. Brigita (71); 11. Robert (70); 12. Max (61); 13. Miss Helen (60); 14. Niffler (54); 15. Lindsey (52)
  • Most commented posts: Election Aftermath, Simpsons Valentine (yes, still), Wedding Announcement, Dude, Where’s my Fetus?, Just Married
  • Most popular day for posting: Wednesday
  • Most popular day for commenting: Wednesday
  • New continents blogged: none!
  • Jobs held: two!
  • Weddings attended: four (Martin & Mimi, Major & Steph, Amy & Dan, Me & Snookums)
  • New additions to the family: one (our cat)
  • Pictures posted of my cat: 13 (I think that’s pretty darn good, considering!)

It’s funny to see the patterns emerging over the years. Women have made a strong resurgence on the top-commenters list, but WeeBen is now higher than ever (thanks to the fact that he started using a consistent username). I’m also noticing that my fellow bloggers are mostly dropping down the list, which I totally understand given my own commenting on other sites has dropped significantly. (Usually I’ll just respond with a link here instead.) And It’s weird how the number of posts and comments is almost exactly the same as last year. I guess that means I’m blogging at full capacity, huh?

Thanks to everyone who contributed with a comment or an e-mail last year! (And hey, you lurkers, at least say “hi” once in a while, okay?) I was especially touched by all your messages of congratulations about getting married. It was a little bit sad not being able to have all of our family and friends together in one place, and you guys really helped alleviate that. Onwards and upwards…


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  1. Wow, that was quick. Hi, Sara! *waves and scampers off to bed*

  2. Woo – made the top commenters list!

    Happy 4th birthday w-g – have enjoyed reading you!!

  3. Just because I *had* to go and figure out what on earth it was about…. the Dude, Where’s my Fetus? post was 4334 not 4434 I think. (I wish I could lose mine for long enough to get a decent night’s sleep at the mo!)

    Congrats on the birthday 🙂 My blog is 8 days younger than yours.

  4. Thanks kirsty! Fixed… 🙂

  5. happy blog birthday! you’ve had quite a few momentous things happen in those four years… and by the way. i am amazed at your restraint with only 13 piccies of the delightful dr amy jones!

  6. happy web-goddess birthday!

  7. Happy w-g birthday! and may Henrietta the Little Lucky Haggis Fairy from Bannockburn come down to grant you the following powers that will guide you through the coming year,

    1) Guide of the OoochAyeTheNooo! :- Brings you 100% motivation. You will always say yes and motivation will be your middle name.

    2) Hinds of Angus :- Will give you the strength of Angus the Highland Cow. Lift all those obstacles in your life and throw them away.

    3) Wisdom of Archibald Ferret :- You will receive some of the brain power of Archibald. Conquer puzzles and find solutions to things that have been too complex for you over the last few years.

  8. On a totally unrelated item:

    I just read The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me. It was a fun although felt like RD was just waffling a bit in some bits.

    Plus the main thing was, Quentin Blake was given an OBE in the New Years Honour list 🙂 So that’s cool…. if you actually thing those titles mean something… hehe. Can’t believe that the 3 athletes were given Sir and Dames.

  9. I just wanted to say hi- I have been coming to your blog about once a week since I first found it 3 years ago when I was searching for- you guessed it- the Choo Choo Valentine. I copied the jpeg and made a little paper valentine for the guy I had been seeing for 3 weeks. He loved it and we fell in love- and were married ourselves this past summer. Congrats to you as well! I am always interested in hearing what you have to say- I live in Ohio (by way of Canada) and appreciate/agree with many of views on things…. Anyway, I just wanted to post.

  10. Wow! 4 years! I have checked in on this site on a daily basis since you started! It has inspired me to want to start a blog myself, but honestly, I don’t even know where to begin! I have always (even in high school) appreciated your “NO Bull” opinions and interesting internet finds. I think I forward something from this site on to others on, at least, a weekly basis! Happy blogging Birthday!

  11. Happy Blogiversary, Kris! And here’s to a superfantastico 2005. 🙂

  12. Finally, I can say with enthusiasm: 4 more years!

    I’m never sure whether to be proud (dude, I’m ranked) or embarrassed (get a life, know-it-all) by the stats. 😉

    Congratulations, Kris.

  13. A very happy blogiversary, Kris. Enjoy the fetus. 🙂

  14. Happy blog-day! I first saw your site almost 3 years ago when looking for a commenting system 🙂

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