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DietBlog: Not to twenty just yet. Crud. I actually accompanied Miss Fee to my old city WW meeting last night and weighed in there, but they said I’d gained 400g and that’s just ridiculous. I mean, honestly! Something is wrong with their equipment. So I stepped on the scales tonight at my real meeting and it turns out I lost 100g. And given how much hair I had cut off last Thursday… I’m gonna call it even. I’m trying hard not to get de-motivated though. (What? It’s a perfectly cromulent word!) Last week was a randomly difficult one for me mentally, so to get through it without a gain is probably a victory. I also had the weekend temptations of Steph and Eva’s housewarming (where I was on best behavior) and Deb’s housewarming/birthday party (where I was, um, not). I’m just going to try to stay positive. Some scared little group of neurons lurking in the back of my brain doesn’t want to get to goal, and I can accept that. Being not-fat is a big leap. I’m going to give myself all the time I need to adjust.

But to end this post on a positive, I dragged the Snook over to the Broadway on Sunday to watch me try on six different pairs of size fourteen pants. AND THEY ALL FIT. I bought three pairs. The cashier was like, “Are you starting a new job?” And I crowed, “No, I just lost a lot of weight and nothing fits me anymore!” I’ve worn new pants two days now and people are actually noticing my size even more. (I guess because I’m not hiding it.) And if I do say so myself… my bum looks fantastic. 🙂

DOOL Recap

Hooray! There’s a special Days of Our Lives recap for charity over at TWoP. And it’s from a corker of an episode during the whole “Marlena is the Salem Stalker” storyline…


A customer from New Zealand just e-mailed the shop asking about a product that we sell. It’s in stock and visible on our website. So what did they want to know? If I knew of anywhere local in New Zealand they could get it. WHAT? It’s not like I don’t do the Miracle on 34th Street thing when I can, directing people elsewhere for stuff we don’t stock. That’s cool. But to ask me about something we have in the store and then have the cheek to ask for a recommendation for somewhere else to buy it? I’m just in awe of the sense of self-entitlement of some people… (On a related note: Did I mention the lady who got annoyed that we didn’t have the fabric that she was supposed to pick up and demanded that we let her use the phone to contact her sister – IN BRAZIL?)

How Aussie Are You?

How Aussie are you? I was shocked to see I’d actually gotten 17 out of 20 correct! I’ve heard about half in actual use, and the rest were just guesses based on my experience with Australian slang construction. The comment they gave me with my score was spot on: “You will communicate fairly effectively with the native population, but they will still mutter “bloody yank” when you walk out of the pub.” Very true. (Link courtesy of Deb, who is a true blue Aussie Sheila.)

50 Animals in Casts

50 Animals in Casts. Another one for the Snook! (Link courtesy of John.)

Knitting Olympics Update

Cabled Cardigan for MarianneKnitting Olympics Update: How’s everybody been doing? I’m happy to report that Leonie (aka crumpet) has already won Australia a gold medal. So we’ve got one… and I suck. Much like Michelle Kwan, I crashed to the ice upon realizing that my program (finishing the fairisle cardigan I was designing for Marianne) was a little too ambitious and my heart just wasn’t in it. Or something. At any rate, I changed events halfway through the Games. (IS THAT EVEN ALLOWED? I’m gettin’ crazy, here.) My measurements are already six months out-of-date and winter will be ending soon, so the goal was to choose something pretty that I could crank through quickly. My eye landed on Sirdar’s Denim Book of Aran Knits, which I used last year for the Snook’s Looking Glass Jumper. And whaddaya know, there’s an adorable little hooded cardigan in there just begging to live in Colorado. As you can see at right, I’ve finished the back and both fronts (including pockets!), and I’m about halfway up the sleeves. So no, I am not going to make it in time to medal this year. But hey, if any of you want to have a Knitting Commonwealth Games, I am so ready…

TD on SC!

The universe has its yin and yang. To balance the passing of Barney Fife, we have the amazing and wonderful news that Tara D has achieved a lifelong dream: she’s been hired by Second City. You know, Bill Murry, John Candy, Jim Belushi, Gilda Radner, Eugene Levy… That Second City. CONGRATULATIONS, TARA! Seriously, the next time you’re in Chicago you must go see her in a show. You will laugh your ass off, I guarantee it.

RIP Don Knotts

I was genuinely sad to hear that Don Knotts died. Farewell, Barney Fife. You and your one bullet used to make me laugh and laugh.

Cleaning services?

Any of you Sydneysiders have experience with cleaning services? The Snook and I have finally accepted that we’re on the wrong side of the fundamental paradox of “liking to live in a clean house” and “being totally and completely averse to actually cleaning.” And if I learned anything from The Sims, it’s that maid service is the primary key to a happy home life. Now we just need a recommendation…

Trail Note

Trail Note
I’ve had a case of the mean reds for the past few days. I don’t know why. It’s just like a switch was flipped, and suddenly I’m feeling depressed and bored and nervous. I have the urge to eat and eat and eat. (Before you say it’s probably hormonal, my Depo shots generally take care of that.) Could it be because the past few weeks have been so easy and I don’t think I’ve earned it? Is it because I’m actually afraid of getting to goal? Both are possible. I’m also dreading tomorrow’s inaugural workout with the Dove. For some reason I feel really embarrassed about him knowing how unfit I am. I know, I know – this goes against my whole “why hide the obvious?” dieting ethos, but I can’t help it. Sure, losing (nearly) twenty kilos is an accomplishment, but what if he expects me to be able to run faster and do more push-ups than I can? I’m afraid.

I did turn some of this anxiety into a positive, though. I headed out tonight with a vague goal of getting to Centennial Park and actually running the jogging track inside. (Usually I turn around because it takes me thirty minutes just to get there.) I was pretty tired when I finally arrived. The day was hot and my sports bra was too tight, so I had a stitch threatening the whole time. “Self,” I said, “if you can actually make it around the track without walking, I don’t care if you walk all the way home.” So I did it. I paused halfway around to have a sip from a drinking fountain, but it was no more than ten seconds so I’m counting that as a win. I timed myself at 26 minutes and these guys have measured the loop to 3.7km. With a little mathematical extrapolation, that equates to a 5K time of 35 minutes… which just happens to be my time from the last 5K race I ran. I think that’s good. I mean, I’d already been puffing up and down across Surry Hills for thirty minutes just to get there, so if I’d been starting fresh I think I would’ve taken a good amount of time off it. As promised to myself, I walked most of the way home. It felt pretty good.