Happy blog birthday to me!

Happy blog-birthday to me!
As of today, web-goddess is now officially nine-years-old. We’re comin’ up on a decade, here! I definitely feel like my blogging took a backseat to other media in 2009. I started using Twitter and Facebook more heavily, and I do a lot of my “wacky link” sharing on Google Reader now. Still, I’m going to keep w-g going as long as I can. It’s amazing to look through the archives and realise that nearly 10 years of my life – exciting years! – are documented here. As usual, I’ve compiled some fun statistics to celebrate. (Previously: 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003.)

To tell you the truth, 2008 was such a big year for me (running two half-marathons, buying a house, getting laid off and then finding a new job) that 2009 feels a bit smaller in comparison. Looking back, I was sick for most of the winter and spring. I had to cancel my one big race for the year. We both had new jobs, so we didn’t do much travelling. That said, we crossed some pretty big To Do items off our list. We did quite a bit of work on our garden. We paid off the Snook’s student loan, and mine will be gone this year. We’ve got a safety net of savings built up, and we’re paying off our mortgage as quickly as we can. And we finally got wedding rings

Goals for 2010: Finish paying off my student loan. Run 1000kms in the calendar year. Run the Sydney Half-Marathon in May, and depending on how I do, think about aiming for a spring marathon. Take a vacation to the States to visit family. Go to a BA training course. Learn to sew a skirt for myself. And finally win that damn blue ribbon at the Show. That’s all achievable, right?


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  1. I am happy to help with the sewing goal and damn I need to comment more…..

  2. i’d say it’s doable. High achievements if you make it through the list!

  3. Totally achievable! Why not?

    You’ve got so much done in 2009!

  4. A very happy blogday!

  5. What an admirable 2009 – and of course you can achieve your 2010 goals (though the Show blue ribbon might take sheer good luck rather than expertise and energy).

  6. congrats on the nine years, a very impressive effort. and the blue ribbon? i think so. i can feel it in me waters….

  7. I had to comment on this… 🙂 And what’s a BA training course?

  8. M-H: Something like this.

  9. I like the visit family in the states goal!

  10. Happy Blog B’day. 138 comments… I really don’t feel like a stalker. It MUST be because I don’t have my own blog, right?

  11. Happy Blogiversay!
    Note to self: Must leave more comments on webgoddess’s blog.

  12. You’re blog made me happy. It also encouraged me to set goals (in writing) for myself. Congrats! Hope all is well.

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