Trip to Tasmania - November 20-30, 2014

For our tenth wedding anniversary, we decided to go somewhere neither of us had ever been before: Tasmania! We did a big circuit around the state that involved planes, trains, and automobiles. (Literally.)

Garden Renovation - 2013-2014

After the kitchen came the garden. Now we finally have a lovely, sunny outdoor space to entertain and relax!

Kitchen Renovation - Autumn 2012

It took nearly three months (and a lot of hassle and a lot of money), but we finally have the kitchen we always dreamed of.

Halloween Party - October 29, 2011

After taking 2010 off, we were back with a vengeance for Halloween 2011! This year was our eighth party, and it was bigger and better than ever. More than forty guests packed into our house to show off their costumes, sample our spooky food, marvel at our Meat Head (yes, really), and have some fun.

Trip to Melbourne - August 26-29, 2011

Eileen had been trying to get us down to Melbourne for ages, so we figured it was finally time to go. We flew out on Friday night and back on Monday night, and in between we managed to experience: Fitzroy hipsters, Melbourne shopping, blindfolded Rubik's cube solvers, a lighthouse, Bass Strait, many wineries, a "cheesery", and a couple beer halls. It was a great little jam-packed mini-break.

Knitting Camp 2011 - April 29-May 1, 2011

This was my third year attending the Wollongong Knitting Camp. A weekend of rain and an unexpected power outage made for a much more "rustic" camping experience than expected!

USA Trip - July 17 - August 7, 2010

The Snook and I spent three weeks on a much-needed vacation to the States. Our plan was to fly to San Francisco and spend a few days with the Carbos before heading on to Indiana. We finished up with a couple days to ourselves in Wisconsin (including THE HOUSE ON THE ROCK!) and then two very quick stops in Chicago and L.A. on the way home.

Knitting Camp 2010 - April 23-25, 2010

This was my second year attending the Wollongong Knitting Camp. We knitted, we ate and drank, we dressed up in silly outfits. It was fun!

Weekend in Kiama - February 19-21, 2010

The Snook and I enjoyed a fun weekend in Kiama, about two hours south of Sydney. Everyone said it was beautiful down there, but I really had no idea. It's a little seaside paradise.

Halloween Party - October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween! The Snook and I welcomed nearly 30 guests to our Seventh Annual Halloween Party as Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.

Outback Adventure - October 12-18, 2009

Join me, the Snook and Eileen on a breathtaking visit to Australia's red centre. We camped outdoors; we hiked around Uluru; and we saw some stunning landscapes. We also spent a couple memorable nights in Adelaide too.

Christmas 2008

Snookums and I decided to escape the big smoke for a week and headed up to his parents' place on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. We visited several of the local attractions and seaside towns - Port Macquarie, Wauchope, Coffs Harbour, Taylors Arm - but mostly we just chilled. I've got pictures and videos of what we did.

Halloween Party - November 1, 2008

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Actually, its our Sixth Annual Halloween Party. Nearly thirty guests joined us to finally christen our new house on our favorite holiday. Also, the Snook made a Giant Tim Tam.

Halloween Party - October 27, 2007

The Snook and I present our Fifth Annual Halloween Party... as the Mythbusters. And I made a brain.

Easter Trip to USA - April 2007

It was time again for the Snook and I to journey back to Indiana for a visit with the family. I had a new nephew to meet! We also found time to hit some theme parks in Florida and, oh yeah, attend Space Camp for Grown-Ups.

Halloween Party - October 28, 2006

The Snook and I continue our campaign to bring Halloween to the hearts of the Australian people. This year we went as Heroes of Australian Mythology: the Jolly Swagman and Ned Kelly. Oh, and the Snook made a Meat Cake.

Worldwide Kniting in Public Day - June 10, 2006

WWKIP Day was started in 2005 as a way to bring knitters together and encourage them to knit in public. I helped organise the Sydney event, which took place at the Sidewalk Cafe + Bar at the Opera House. Nearly thirty people turned up to knit (and drink) their way through the afternoon, turning heads and attracting attention with their skill and creativity. Thanks to everybody who participated!

Western Plains Zoo - December 24-25, 2005

The Snook and I envisioned spending Christmas 2005 staying in a luxury lodge and being chauffered around the Western Plains Zoo in air-conditioned splendour. Instead a friggin' manhunt closed the zoo and we had to scramble. It turned out okay. We petted exotic animals; we biked til our bottoms were sore; and we played eighteen holes of Putt-Putt of Death.

Thanksgiving Party - November 26, 2005

The Snook and I had a dream, a dream to make a turducken. And since a turducken feeds, like, twenty people, we invited everybody we knew over to help us eat it.

Halloween Party - October 29, 2005

It's that time of year again! Join us as we bring the joy of Halloween to the people of Australia. This year the Snook and I went as Chairman Kaga and Hiroyuki Sakai from Iron Chef.

Gleewarts Express - July 16, 2005

Join me along with the Snook, Amy, Rob, and 800 other people on a steam train trip to a fictional wizarding village to celebrate the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Sydney Royal Easter Show - March 19, 2005

This was my second trip to the big Show, where all the country folks come to the city to show off their stuff. I really liked the lumberjacks, the precision ute-driving, and the pornographic woodwork. Among other things.

Wedding Album

This is a little photo album the Snook and I put together for our Australian wedding reception in 2005.

Wedding Trip - November 17 - December 5, 2004

In the space of three weeks, the Snook and I visited Vegas, got married with Elvis, ate various and sundry deep-fried novelty items (including a turkey), played in the snow, took part in my sister's wedding, and toured San Francisco. And you can relive it all with lots of photos...

Halloween Party - October 30, 2004

My crusade of Halloween evangelism continues. This year about thirty Australians boogied down with us at our now annual shindig. The Snook and I went as Miss Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice.

1920's Murder Mystery Party - July 10, 2004

A couple years back my Dad and his wife sent me one of those How to Host a Murder games and we finally got around to playing it. The theme was 1920's Chicago. It was an evening of murder, deceit, sex, guns, bootlegging, crooked cops, and dangerous ladies. Oh, and an excellent four course meal provided by the Snook.

Sydney Royal Easter Show - April 10, 2004

This was my first trip to the big Easter Show, which is kinda like the state fair in these parts. I got to eat lots of junk food and pet farm animals. Fun!

Camp Creative - January 16 - 25 2004

The Snook and I headed off to the country for a week of rest and relaxation. He fished while I slaved over beaded jewelry at Camp Creative in Bellingen. Afterwards we visited Dorrigo and the Big Banana before heading home to Sydney.

Our Garden - December 2003

As my Dad didn't believe that I was actually growing sweet corn in my Australian backyard, here's the photographic proof.

Halloween Party - October 31, 2003

My one-woman crusade to bring the holiday of Halloween to the world outside the United States continues. These are photos from our 2003 party in Australia where I went as Buffy and the Snook was Spike. We looked cool.

Round-the-World Holiday - June 23 - July 28, 2003

What started out as a simple trip home to Indiana turned into a five week, round-the-world whistlestop tour. Our itinerary grew to include Chicago, Boston, London, and two weeks touring Italy. Needless to say, I took lots of pictures.

May Day Project - May 10, 2003

These photos were taken as part of the May Day Project. It's sort of a "document a day in your life" type thing. There are a couple nice shots in there, including one where you can almost see my boob. Fun, huh?

Sydney Peace Rally - February 16, 2003

Hundreds of thousands of people (including me and the Snook) converged on Hyde Park in Sydney to protest the impending war on Iraq. Oh, and we wore home-made T-shirts.

New Year's Eve in Sydney - December 31, 2002

The Snook and I joined several friends to ring in the new year near Sydney Harbour. The fireworks were fantastic! We saw people shagging in public! It was a fun night.

Our House

At long last, pictures of our second house in Sydney, Australia. (We don't live there anymore.) Go on, you voyeur, you.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb - January 22, 2002

It's a big bridge. And me, Kel, and Carrot climbed it. *beaming with accomplishment* Go on, check out the pictures.

Cricket Match at the SCG - January 4, 2002

Professional cricket is a lot more exciting than you probably realize. It took me a while to understand all the rules, but once I did, I became a big fan. Snookums took me and two friends of his to the Sydney Cricket Ground to see the third day of the third Australia versus South Africa test.

Trip to Los Angeles - November 28-30, 2001

In the midst of the big move from London to Sydney, the Snook and I stopped off for a few days of rest and sightseeing with some friends in L.A. We didn't see much, but we had fun.

Harry Potter Premiere - November 4, 2001

On November 4, 2001 I braved the cold and the crowds to bring you a few pictures from the Harry Potter film premiere in Leicester Square. I saw loads of celebrities but was unfortunately denied any chance of getting an autograph by some asshole police. Ah, oh well.

Trip to Dublin - October 6-7, 2001

Sensing that our stay in Europe was coming to an end, Snookums and I decided to nip over to Ireland for the weekend and fulfil one of his lifelong ambitions: to visit the world famous Guinness brewery. We also took a Viking tour, spotted a celebrity, and saw some of the famous sights. Check it out...

Trip to Oxford - August 11-12, 2001

I, my sister, Snookums, and a friend headed out of London and into the countryside for some fresh air. Instead we found ourselves involved in a riotous protest against the useless breaking of little doggy legs, a trip down the raging Thames, learning all about "Alice in Wonderland", and viewing the famous "dreaming spires" of Oxford.

Trip to Cedar Point - June 1-10, 2001

Since both my siblings graduated in 2001 (my brother from high school, my sister from college), Snookums and I headed home to join in the celebration. Then we all piled in the rental car and headed to Cedar Point, the best amusement park in the world. The pictures speak for themselves...

Korean Feast - April 9, 2001

My friend Kelly McMahon was leaving London for the United States, so I threw her a party and cooked the only interesting cuisine I know. Here are a few pictures...

Trip to Scotland - March 30-April 1, 2001

Snookums and I headed off for a quick trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. It was a touristy weekend, but a fun one nonetheless.

Trip to Australia - March 3-21, 2001

In March my boyfriend Snookums and I decided to take a long holiday and escape the dreary London weather. We spent a few days in Singapore before heading out to Sydney, Australia. Along the way we visited three zoos, two beaches, and the world's largest fountain, and I suffered a bruise, a leech bite, a sunburn, two skinned knees, and a strained ankle. It was a great trip.

Trip to France - January 26-29, 2001

Together with my boyfriend Snookums and our French friend eMan (short for "Emmanuel"), I took the Eurostar train under the English Channel to France and spent two days at fun-filled Disneyland, Paris. Très agréable!

Deviant and Diverse Party - October 21, 2000

Four Internet-type people live in the same house and decide to have a party. The resulting photographs will astonish you. Not for the weak-hearted.

Our London House

Bored? Easily amused? Why not take a virtual tour through my residence on Rannoch Road in London, England!? It's guaranteed to be of no interest to anyone I'm not related to.

Paul & Elly's Wedding - September, 1999

Blast from the past! Here's me and a selection of my college friends all dolled-up at the wedding of Elly Terrell and Paul Brenner. It was my last hurrah before starting my life as an ex-pat.

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